Tuesday, 15 September 2009

tilly bloom

i have recently come across a really splendid shop. Tilly Bloom, she is from Scotland and lives in Brooklyn.i love the black and white style and the fact thats it's very oldy world and Edwardian esque!
Another addition to my pressie list - this amazing cardigan, it reminds me of a cardi I saw a celeb (for you UK people, it was the really pretty tall blond girl from Atomic Kitten but I can't remember her name!) wearing the other day on telly and I thought to myself - 'I bet you can't buy it in the shops - I bet it's from Arizona or somewhere that she travelled to on one of her lovely holidays'.
The good news is the Universe has now brought us Etsy where you can find amazing things, like this vintage Navago print cardigan from RebeccasArtCloset.
I bet whats her name got it from there!
Back soon, Roseyx
Top three pics courtesy of www.tillybloom.etsy.com
Bottom Picture - RebeccasArtCloset