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Today we have a guest post from the lovely Angie from Green Weddings Designs who is based in beautiful Cape Town. Here she gives her top tips on planning your special day in this simply stunning part of the world. Thank you Angie!

Planning a Wedding in Cape Town

Cape Town is the wedding capital of South Africa, with it being one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and with the variety of wedding locations the possibilities are endless!  For international couples it provides affordable options compared to the UK and Europe and is a wonderful destination wedding setting.  If you are planning from abroad and are interested in getting married in Cape Town, I have put together my top 5 tips. 

Choose Your Season, Then Your Date:

Cape Town is a very seasonal city, unlike other cities in the rest of the country, the seasons are very noticeable.  It’s important to understand what type of season you would like to get married, because I can assure you, Cape Town is not hot all year round.  Our winters here are cold and rainy, and we experience snow on the mountains.  I would recommend researching the weather patterns beforehand but a general rule of thumb our seasons are as follows:

Summer:  The warm weather starts from December till early March.  With long days and warm evenings.  Our summers are characterised by wind, so it’s important to ask the locations you are interested in about the wind during the summer months and the best time.  The evenings start getting a bit cooler from early March.  I got married at the beginning of February in the winelands near Wellington.  It was as hot as 37 degrees, and no wind.  We had the perfect Mediterranean evening for dancing outside beneath the stars and fairy lights.

Autumn:  This is mid to late March till May.  We have beautiful copper shades during this time with some warm days up to 29 degrees.  The warm weather is sporadic however and usually accompanied with chilly evenings and cooler days thereafter.

Winter:  June – August is our coldest and wettest time.  The advantage however, is that many venues are discounted at this time and if you are looking for an indoor setting there are countless beautiful venues and styles to choose from.  You can also wear a wedding dress with many layers!

Spring: Our gardens are noticeably categorised by Spring blooms from mid-August, however the days are still cool till mid-November where most days are below 20 degrees and there is a chilly wind.  We have a later Spring and Summer than most parts of the country.  There are of course pockets during those months that are warmer.  The day usually starts off chilly, followed by a warm mid-day, and then late afternoon it becomes chilly again.

Location, Location, Location!

Besides getting married in a castle, we have almost every kind of setting under the sun.  From over 800 vineyards to choose from, to mountain landscapes, farm settings, game farms, majestic sea views, forests, beaches and more.  We offer so much beauty!  It’s important to be clear exactly what type of setting you would like, and if you are not sure, get yourself a wedding planner to help come up with a concept, location and theme.

Hire a Wedding Planner:

Organising a wedding from abroad is not an easy task.  It is very important that you have a wedding planner or coordinator that will help you with all the arrangements. In most cases couples might only visit the venue a few days or up to a few weeks to the actual wedding day.  I planned my wedding from the UK in the winelands in Cape Town and I saw how beautiful the venue was from stunning pictures of a friend’s wedding. I just knew it was the place and looked no further.  I was so happy with the result.   You can also ask the planner or coordinator to take you on a virtual tour of several places if you decide not to fly out in advance to look for venues. They will also help you source the vendors that you require such as florists, photographers, marriage officers, DJ’s, caterers etc., so having the right wedding planner is key!

Your Dress:

If you are choosing a destination wedding I would recommend sourcing a dress locally.  Unless you can fly out to the destination a few times before for fittings, it’s just too big a risk to source your dress at the destination.  What is important here is to understand the seasons in Cape Town so you choose a dress with the right fabric.  You don’t want to choose a dress with a heavy fabric if you are getting married in Summer, you will not be able to breathe.  

Choose Indigenous Flowers and Locally Produced Food:

When choosing a wedding at a destination, such as Cape Town, incorporate the local elements into your wedding.  Such as the floral arrangements.  The Western Cape is home to the most beautiful flora and fauna.  Support our local blooms rather than importing from your home country. This will reduce the carbon footprint and save on your costs such as, using the world-renowned proteas.  We also grow lots of beautiful blooms locally including roses.  Partner with a good floral designer to help you with this!  As Cape Town is home to over 800 wine farms, there is an abundance of good wines to choose from.  

A Bit About the Author

Angie Floyd

This article has been written by Angie, who is a wedding planner based in Cape Town.  She specialises in Eco-planning and helps couples with ideas to minimise waste and reduce the carbon
footprint for weddings.  She is passionate about helping clients make the most beautiful and memorable wedding day.  She is the owner and founder of Green Wedding Designs  and you can get to know more about her here.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018


Every now and then, I will do a little google search to see if I have had any magazine or blog features and today I found this rustic style wedding in Scotland. The bride and groom had chosen one of my handmade arrows for their wedding cake - so lovely to find this 3 years later! I love the understated elegance and the bouquet is divine! Get yourself inspired with the full write up over at Brides Up North.

Saturday, 26 May 2018


If you are a boho babe who prefers the woods or a beach to a fairy castle then a bohemian-themed wedding may well be the choice for you. 

The best thing about choosing a laid back boho wedding is the varied and eclectic choice of boho dresses available now. These are some of my favourites that I have seen around the web. My absolute fave (AKA my dream next wedding dress) being the Naeem Khan dress

Boho weddings incorporate an elegant mix of natural, rustic, and vintage details into the design. They also allow for a letting go of the more rigid wedding traditions - we are talking 'bohemian' after all! 

For details on these beautiful boho wedding dresses and more on boho and southwestern weddings, check out these Pinterest boards.


Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Just lately I have found myself drawn to bright, joyful colours. I just really feel affected by them at the moment - in a good way!

It could be the colder temperatures and the winter months (drawing ever closer) that's making me love the brighter tones.
Does this happen to you in the darker months? A sudden urge for cheerful colour inspiration?

I have been creating some mood boards for my new confetti line and can't wait to start mixing some of these bright happy colours up! 

Rosey x 

All photo credits available on my Pinterest Board 

Wednesday, 19 July 2017


Okay, so this isn't a proper DIY post, as in I haven't shown all the steps to this but I am so excited with my feature blackboard wall that I just had to share it!

I have wanted to do this chalkboard painted wall for so long and I finally did. I painted just one wall in some chalkboard paint I bought from B&Q. I bought two 750ml tins, however I only used a third of one tin and I only did one layer so it's pretty good and economical quality paint.

We left it plain and not written on for a few days as we were a little scared to ruin the look, however once we took the plunge it looked so much better with a few random scribbling's on it. I am going to get some pink and green chalk to add a bit of colour too. 

It's actually really handy having this chalkboard wall, I constantly write little lists and reminders now and write / receive cute little notes! It's easy to clean with a dry sponge too. I will probably add another coat of the paint after a while though to keep it looking fresh. 

If you have been considering doing this but are scared of using black, please go for it. I was quite surprised at how warm and cosy it has made the kitchen - I thought it would make the room look too cold and modern for my old house but it didn't at all.

Now, to find some more walls to use this chalkboard paint effect on...

Tuesday, 11 July 2017


As a little Thank You to our customers Worldwide, we are now offering Free Standard Shipping on ALL UK orders. Plus we only charge £4 flat charge for ALL International Non-Tracked Orders.

We will still of course, send items tracked / special delivery / next day - if requested for an additional charge.



If you are looking for some great DIY'S, Tips and Wedding Planning Advice, then look no further than the You Tube sister duo Bride de Force.

Fleur + Hannah upload some really useful videos and their content is always so classy, well produced and super helpful. They also have some lovely Real Wedding features too.

This is my fave video: Get The Look, Pink + Silver Table Setting. They also include some handy links to purchase the items used to create this look.